Classic Hotel am Stetteneck SANONER & CO. KG Pressemappe

Classic Hotel am Stetteneck SANONER & CO. KG Pressemappe
In a central location, the Hotel Stetteneck offers classic accommodation in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. This hotel in Ortisei has single, twin and double rooms, and can also provide family suites. The restaurant serves a buffet breakfast is served, and the dinner menu combines Tyrolean and Mediterranean flavours. The spa includes a new pool, sauna and steam rooms, and a cafe. Activities for guests are available via the Val Gardena Active scheme, including guided walks and tours. The area has year-round attractions, has excellent transport links, and transfers can be arranged from local airports.
Classic Hotel Stetteneck
aus 39049 St. Ulrich
Classic Hotel Stetteneck In 2013, the Stetteneck Hotel nestled in Val Gardena's Dolomites is celebrating its 100th jubilee and they invite everyone to celebrate with them. They are offering ‘Val Gardena Super Sun' from March 17, 2013, which is 7 nights for the price of 6. Not only that, but they have done major renovations to their swimming pool, making it brighter and more accessible. A sauna and steam bath underneath is now completed and a new coffee shop gives all ...
The Hotel Stetteneck in Ortisei
aus 39049 St. Ulrich
The Hotel Stetteneck in Ortisei As a premier hotel in Ortisei, the Hotel Stetteneck offers high-class accommodation in the centre of the lovely Italian Dolomites. The hotel has had a chequered history; the building started life in 1913, housing the Post Office, apartments, and a sausage factory and butcher's shop. Over the years it has also been the headquarters of the Royal and Imperial Army, and a military hospital, and in 2013 the Stetteneck will be celebrating its 100th ...

Classic Hotel am Stetteneck SANONER & CO. KG
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