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[Montanwerke Brixlegg AG - 20.11.2023] A revolutionary shift toward sustainability is taking place in copper, a crucial component in many industries. Due to mining, refining procedures, and energy-intensive extraction techniques, copper production has historically had a significant negative impact on the environment. However, cutting-edge strategies are transforming the copper sector and promoting long-term sustainability. Mining techniques are one of the main advancements. Sustainable copper initiatives place a strong emphasis on ethical mining practices that value community health and environmental preservation. Businesses are using tactics like post-mining land rehabilitation, biodiversity conservation, and reduced water use. Technology advancements also make it possible to extract materials with greater precision, reducing environmental impact and maximizing resource use. In order to produce copper sustainably, recycling is essential.

The metal is a perfect candidate for circular economy practices due to its inherent recyclability. Recycling copper lessens the environmental impact and requires less new mining because it maintains its quality, purity, and conductivity. Recycling procedures are now more effective thanks to technological advancements, which increases recovery rates and reduces waste production. The energy-intensive copper refining process is also changing as a result of the integration of renewable energy. The carbon footprint of refining operations is decreased by switching to renewable energy sources like solar or wind power. These cleaner energy options are being adopted by businesses more frequently, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with copper production. Sustainable copper use is also being aided by cutting-edge materials and design techniques.

To develop long-lasting, energy-efficient products, engineers and architects are investigating copper's resistance, conductivity, and antimicrobial properties. Industries are using copper's sustainability features to create eco-friendly solutions, from transportation to energy transmission and architecture. Promoting sustainable copper practices requires supply chain collaboration. To create industry standards, certifications, and regulations that place a strong emphasis on sustainability, stakeholders like mining companies, manufacturers, governments, as well as consumers, are working together. The Copper Mark certification, for example, promotes transparency and accountability within the copper industry by ensuring responsible production practices. Moreover, consumer awareness and demand for sustainable products are driving industry innovation. Companies are responding by offering eco- friendly copper products and educating consumers about the benefits of choosing sustainable options. This growing demand incentivizes further investment in sustainable practices throughout the copper lifecycle.

However, challenges remain in achieving complete sustainability in the copper industry. Balancing increasing global demand with responsible production, addressing social impacts on local communities, and reducing the carbon footprint of transportation are ongoing challenges that require continued innovation and collaboration. In conclusion, the journey toward sustainable copper production involves multifaceted approaches that encompass responsible mining, recycling, renewable energy adoption, innovative design, and stakeholder collaboration. As the industry continues to evolve, embracing these sustainable practices will be fundamental in ensuring a more environmentally friendly and socially responsible future for copper production and usage.
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Die in Brixlegg hergestellten Kupferkathoden bestehen aus hochreinem Kupfer mit einem Kupfergehalt von mindestens 99,99 %. Die Hauptverunreinigung ist Silber mit 6 bis 10 ppm. Brixlegg-Kathoden sind an der Londoner Metallbörse (LME) als "Cathodes grade A" mit dem Brand "BRX" registriert. Sie entsprechen der Norm EN 1978, den Bestimmungen des IWCC und der ASTM B115.
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