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Kurzfassung: Let's explore some key reasons why copper recycling is so important.
www.montanwerke-brixlegg.com/en/ - Most sustainable copper on earth comes from Brixlegg sustainable copper - www.montanwerke-brixlegg.com/en/sustainable-copper/ - green copper
[Montanwerke Brixlegg AG - 05.07.2023] Copper has been a valuable metal used by humans for thousands of years. Its exceptional conductivity, durability, and resistance to corrosion make it a vital component in many different industries. However, the demand for copper, coupled with finite natural resources, necessitates a responsible approach to its production. This is where copper recycling comes in. Copper recycling involves the collection, sorting, and reprocessing of copper-containing materials to extract the metal for reuse. It offers numerous environmental and economic benefits, making it a sustainable practice that aligns with the principles of a circular economy.

- Conserving Natural Resources: Copper is a finite resource, and mining for new copper ore poses significant environmental impacts. By upcycling copper, we reduce the need for new mining operations.

- Energy Efficiency and Emissions Reduction: Copper recycling requires considerably less energy compared to primary production from ore. According to the Copper Development Association, recycling copper saves up to 85% of the energy required for primary production.

- Reducing Landfill Waste: Copper is highly recyclable, and disposing of it in landfills represents a waste of valuable resources.

- Economic Benefits: Copper recycling offers economic advantages at both individual and societal levels. It creates job opportunities in collection, processing, and manufacturing, contributing to local industries and fostering a more self-sufficient and sustainable economy.

- Preserving Water Resources: Copper mining and extraction require significant amounts of water, often resulting in water scarcity and pollution in mining regions. By recycling copper, we alleviate the strain on water resources,

- Promoting Innovation: The recycling industry plays a crucial role in driving innovation and technological advancements. Recycling copper encourages the development of more efficient processes and techniques, leading to continuous improvements in environmental performance.

To maximize the benefits of sustainable copper (www.montanwerke-brixlegg.com/en/sustainable-copper), it is essential to establish efficient collection systems, educate the public about the importance of recycling, and ensure the proper infrastructure for processing and refining recycled copper.
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Die in Brixlegg hergestellten Kupferkathoden bestehen aus hochreinem Kupfer mit einem Kupfergehalt von mindestens 99,99 %. Die Hauptverunreinigung ist Silber mit 6 bis 10 ppm. Brixlegg-Kathoden sind an der Londoner Metallbörse (LME) als "Cathodes grade A" mit dem Brand "BRX" registriert. Sie entsprechen der Norm EN 1978, den Bestimmungen des IWCC und der ASTM B115.
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