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On March 11, 2009, I completed my studies in information technology with a focus on information electronics at the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences. In the “Networked Simulation” department of the University of Applied Sciences, I created a measured value analysis as a student research project. The actual focus here is data transfer from various database management systems, also with large data volumes, to the free software package Scilab ( For this purpose, the project measured value analysis was adapted to the Scilab 5.2.1 internal JRE 6 and now includes an excel- and database-supported Java program with simulations of measurement series. The final version of this project contains a total of 34500 lines of code. In general, it integrates database management systems like Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL as well as PostgreSQL and integrates Scilab.
Use sensible digital control systems in change of the time with Java
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Use sensible digital control systems in change of the time with Java >Programmers and hobby-researchers watch out! Hartmut Bakker and Co demonstrate how digital controllers lead to instability due to dead time behavior and limit cycles.The control theory tries to make general statements over regulation organs, regulation strategies and things to be regulated, regardless of the specific application. Of course, this is only possible on the basis of idealized assumptions, which can limit the informative value of the ...
Herr Hartmut Bakker

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