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Adult star Jessica Luna on track for success

Pornostar - Livecam - Sexcam - Erotic model and more
Kurzfassung: Adult star Jessica Luna: Pornostar - Livecam - Sexcam - Erotic model and more is born on the 28th May 1986 in Berlin. Check here new Youtube-Channel
[KLAR TEXT BUSINESS - 09.08.2013] Born on the 28th May 1986 in Berlin, Germany, Jessica Luna lived a sheltered childhood. Her father was a pastor and her life was strict and serious. Over the years, she broke out of this sheltered life so she could experience more. For this reason, it quickly became clear which 'profession' she would choose. The erotic scene wouldn't let her go once it had its hold and quickly became her passion in life.
At 1.65m in height and with long blond hair and bright blue eyes, she is many men's fantasy. The epitome of femininity and pure eroticism. Jessica Luna knows exactly how to use her charms. She is up for anything and open to all men's erotic fantasies.

She already had the attributes and an attractive body, so it was immediately clear that this industry was her calling. Jessica Luna is so immersed in the world of eroticism - she lives and breathes it. Jessica Luna has a targeted approach and has marketed herself very well since starting in the industry. She is not afraid of the camera and is relaxed when it comes to nudity. She is proud of the tattoos on her stomach, bum and legs, and of her belly button piercing. Whether in the bathtub, in the shower, in bed, or when putting on a show, Jessica Luna loves to show off only her naked side.

Her erotic videos are hot and quickly fire the imagination. Those who just can't get enough of Jessica Luna can book her for live chat. The fun and the pleasure begins at EUR39.95 per 15 minutes. She has a social network online, on Youtube and on Facebook, where her videos can be admired. Adult star Jessica Luna sets the bar high and is definitely one to keep an eye on.
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