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Spain's Binter Canarias signs contract for six ATR 72-600s

Kurzfassung: Spain's Binter Canarias signs contract for six ATR 72-600sThe inter-Canary islands airline, awarded as "European Regional Airline of the Year 2013, operates almost exclusively ATR aircraft since 1989T ...
[EADS Deutschland GmbH - 11.02.2014] Spain's Binter Canarias signs contract for six ATR 72-600s

The inter-Canary islands airline, awarded as "European Regional Airline of the Year 2013, operates almost exclusively ATR aircraft since 1989
The European turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR and the Spain's Canary Islands carrier Binter Canarias today announced a contract for the sale of six firm ATR 72-600 aircraft, valued at almost US$ 150 million. With the acquisition of the fleet of these newest ATR '-600s' the airline will enter into the renewal process of their current fleet of 18 ATR 72s which have been operating successfully in the inter-islands network for years. Binter Canarias is a long-standing ATR operator in Europe, introducing their first ATR aircraft in the late 1980s. Last year, the airline obtained a major recognition from the European Regional Airlines Association, being awarded as Regional Airline of the Year.
With the progressive introduction of these new ATR 72-600s, starting in 2015, Binter Canarias will provide its passengers with the most modern standards of comfort, while further decreasing the airline's fuel consumption and seat/mile operating costs. The ATR aircraft family feature unrivalled performances in very short-haul networks and at small runways as those of the Canary Islands. ATRs experience also outstanding success at many other archipelagos all over the world, such on the Caribbean region or in French Polynesia.
ATR's Chief Executive Officer, Filippo Bagnato, said: "We are honored by the fact that an airline operating an almost exclusive fleet of ATR aircraft obtained the Gold Award as Regional Airline of the Year in Europe last year. This is also a major recognition of the quality, modernity and operational capabilities of our aircraft. We are particularly proud of having built up such an outstanding partnership for more than two decades.
About the ATR 72-600:
- Passenger capacity: 68 to 74 seats
- Engines: Pratt
Whitney 127M
- Maximum takeoff power: 2,750 horsepower per engine
- Maximum takeoff weight: 23,000 kg
- Maximum load: 7,500 kg
- Maximum flight range when fully loaded: 900 nautical miles (1,665 km)

About Binter Canarias:
Created in 1988, Binter Canarias starting operating its first ATR in 1989 on the Canarian inter-island network. As of today, the airline has got the largest, youngest and most environmental-friendly fleet of the archipelago. The airline, originally owned by Spain's flag carrier Iberia, was purchased in 2002 by a local group of entrepreneurs. Their 18 ATRs represent one of the largest fleet of ATR aircraft in Europe, and have transported more than 35 million passengers, not only in inter-archipelago operations, but also with direct flights to Morocco, Portugal's island Madeira and Cape Verde.
About ATR:
Founded in 1981, ATR has become the world leader on the market for regional aircraft with 90 seats or less. Since its creation, ATR has sold over 1300 aircraft. Its customer base today comprises almost 190 operators in over 90 countries. ATR planes have totalled over 21 million flight hours. ATR is an equal partnership between two major European aeronautics players, the Airbus Group and Alenia Aermacchi (a Finmeccanica Group company). Its head office is in Toulouse. ATR is ISO 14001 certified. This is the international reference standard in the field of environmental friendliness.

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