Streetspotr and clickworker combine their crowdsourcing services

Merging core competences creates added value
Kurzfassung: Nuremberg/Essen: Streetspotr, the European pioneer in the field of mobile crowdsourcing, is partnering with clickworker, one of the leading providers of online crowdsourcing solutions. The two companies are combining their offerings for an integrated solution of mobile image capture and analytics for their clients in the FMCG, retail and travel industry.
Streetspotr and clickworker combine their crowdsourcing services Streetspor & clickworker are cooperating
[Streetspotr GmbH - 11.03.2015] Pooling of Core Competencies Creates Added Value for the Customer

The main focus of the cooperation is to combine stationary and mobile crowdsourcing and provide new synergies. Most important, the collaboration will provide benefits for customers of both companies: They can take advantage of the worldwide crowd and the broader solution spectrum from a single source. Collection of local image data by Streetspotr with subsequent data analysis, tagging or content creation by clickworker will be offering new approaches for brand management in the retail industry or providing content for the travel industry. Both companies have many years of expertise in their field. The new partnership will provide better visibility in these markets and create even more benefits for customers and partners of the partnering companies.

Internationally Unique Solution Portfolio and Full Service Offering

"We are glad to have found a partner in Streetspotr, who is not only a leader in the field of mobile crowdsourcing, but also whose solution portfolio and expertise ideally complement our range of services. The combination of mobile and stationary crowdsourcing enables new solution approaches to a large number of tasks. Thus we can tap into new application areas and markets together, and in the future meet our customers' needs even better”, says Christian Rozsenich, CEO of clickworker about the cooperation with Streetspotr.

Dorothea Utzt, CEO of Streetspotr, also welcomes the new cooperation:
"clickworker is a leader in online crowdsourcing with its worldwide community, and therefore an ideal partner for us to optimally supplement our location-based crowdsourcing with online offers. In combination we can offer our customers services from a single source, while at the same time expand and deepen our respective specialties. This way we will create a spectrum of offerings that until now was not yet available in the market globally, and provide a unique solution for our customers' challenges,”

This cooperation will help to promote crowdsourcing even more as a proven approach for point of sale data-driven projects used by many clients in the FMCG and retail industry.
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Streetspotr GmbH
Streetspotr GmbH Streetspotr is Europe's largest mobile workforce with a global reach and one of the spearheads in the mobile crowdsourcing sector. Over 300,000 users conduct location-based tasks via smartphone for companies from a wide variety of sectors who require local information such as local advertisement and product positioning, or market research and verification data. The customers (including Ferrero, Sony, Microsoft, Ültje, LG and Paulaner) receive real-time data such as photos, videos and on-site checks that users attend to "on-the-go”. The information can be accessed in real-time on the online customer portal, which also provides actionable evaluations and dashboards. By obtaining information in this way companies profit from "crowd knowledge” resulting in a win-win situation: Users earn some spending money in passing, customers save an enormous amount of time, travel and staff expenses and quickly receive efficient insights that would otherwise have involved considerable effort.

clickworker GmbH

With an international network of over 700,000 Clickworkers (internet users registered at, clickworker is one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing.
Tasks and projects in the fields of text creation, SEO texts, web research, product data management/ data extraction, surveys, tagging and categorization can be ordered.
clickworker develops individual solutions for complex tasks and divides large projects into microjobs. The jobs are simultaneously processed direct on the online platform by numerous qualified Clickworkers and reassembled after being subjected to strict quality controls.
Smaller or standardized tasks in the text creation and survey sectors can be placed on the Self Service marketplace directly by the customer.
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