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Event DJ for your Christmas Party or your Business Event?

That's when your boss has a good reason to smile!
Kurzfassung: Whether your planning an event for your employees, a business event for your business partner or the crowning glory of a business year: a successful party is always a highlight for your employees, customers and guests.
For such an event and its guests it is important to hire a DJ who knows how to make your guests dance and who does not know any boundaries when it comes to music.
[Yourevent - 05.09.2014] ABBA, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, David Guetta, Shakira or German folk music; your personal DJ knows how to make the right decision to rock your party with hit music. A wedding, birthday party or a business event are no club parties! There are so many musical tastes colliding at these events that your DJ has to be open minded and flexible.

Many businesses plan the end of the current business year in advance as a thank you to customers and employees. Are you currently faced with organizing this event for your company? Then Yourevent is your best choice! We welcome your guests and employees at the reception with a good mixture of decent swing and lounge music to create a special atmosphere that encourages communication.

We adjust the volume to your event so you can talk during the aperitif and dinner. Exclusive equipment is waiting for you. An eye-catcher in light and sound. Do you want to greet your guests with a wireless microphone at the beginning of a presentation? No problem! The Yourevent DJ makes it possible. During the course of the evening the DJ will elate the young and the old with his broad repertoire of classics and hits.

The result is a great party that will link the memories with the name and the image of your business (in the heads of your employees and business partners).

Not matter which event, Yourevent DJ's accompany you from start to finish. Especially, when it comes to creating the best atmosphere possible for your employees, business partners and customers.
Yourevent. Your professional partner. We aim for only one goal: That the event and the music you and your guests love will be unforgettable for everyone involved.

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The design of a musical event is our challenge. Whether customer event, product presentation, gala dinners, VIP occasion or corporate event .Which occasion it is also Your Event DJ's they accompany from the start to the finish,
Yourevent, Herr Roland Wyss
Ringstrasse 16, 5620 Bremgarten, Schweiz
Tel.: 0041 56 222 81 51; http://www.yourevent.ch
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